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Asset Management

Oil & Gas Advisors’ understanding of portfolio value, opportunity and risk allow us to advise our clients on maximising value within their portfolios.

Asset Management

OGA’s leverages its experience in operational and financial roles to ensure that clients are kept up to date on valuation and risk analysis, so that they can make timely decisions.

OGA’s engineering and financial experience is key to enabling us to work with our clients to build rigorous bottom-up cash flow models, providing maximum flexibility to study the impact that any one, or any range of inputs has on the economics of the project or an entire portfolio.

While mitigation of commodity price risk is key, using our bottom up modelling approach, our models allow for us to go further and to study the effects of operational and other changes, such as development strategy, well performance/scheduling, transaction structure or tax regime, on asset values.

By conducting this detailed approach, we can provide our clients with an understanding of the key issues, and focus attention on those that will have the most effect on creating value.

Our services include:

  • Risk management;
  • Enhanced asset analysis;
  • Critical event analysis;
  • Scenario analysis and contingency plan development (price, tax, etc.); and
  • Development and abandonment timing analysis.

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