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Capital Markets

Oil & Gas Advisors leverages its capital markets experience to provide appropriate financing solutions for its clients.

Capital Markets Access

OGA assists its clients’ needs in bridging these funding gaps by advising on the most appreciate funding solution, and then assisting its clients to access its deep pool of investors.

Growing companies often require funding over and above that generated by the underlying asset base. We have in place mature relationships with a diversity of capital providers through our extensive network of global investors, such as:

  • Institutions;
  • Hedge funds;
  • Family offices;
  • Private equity;
  • Private client brokers;
  • Sovereign wealth funds; and
  • Trading companies.

Our experience allows us to facilitate finance across the capital structure, from common and preferred equity, to debt.

We maintain a regular dialogue with our investor base to ensure that we know what they are looking for, which in turn builds confidence that we will bring them relevant investment grade proposals.

This requires OGA to undertake detailed assessments of our clients’ needs and, where necessary, provide appropriate advice on how our clients can achieve investment-grade status.

We advise on:

  • Financing strategy and optimisation;
  • Debt (public and private);
  • Equity (advice, preparation, and management); and
  • Post financing market advice (strategy, marketing material preparation, metric development).

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