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2Q 2021 Oil & Gas Valuations

June 29, 2021
Valuation and Analysis Updates

2Q 2021 Oil & Gas Valuations

2Q 2021 Oil & Gas Capital Markets Valuation Book

The data book and attendant data file provides a reference guide to the valuation metrics for equities in the oil & gas sector, building on the data issued in the Equity Databook.

There have been a number of valuation changes observed in 2Q 2021, namely:

  1. The oil price continues to support higher valuations across the board, although not all equally.
  2. Price differentials between liquids and gas dominated portfolios narrowing, with gas dominated portfolios strengthening more then their liquids dominated peers.
  3. "Risk On" appears to be the order of the day as Developed exchange valuations have appreciated less than those in Developing exchanges.
  4. Appetite for companies operating liquids dominated portfolios in the US appears to have waned, with ex-US valuations growing
  5. Contingent Resource valuations improving across the board.

In a change to the historic approach, Oil & Gas Advisors has separated out individual Country and Basin information from the document, and has not made it an online resource, which can be access from the Homepage and the News page.

We make some data available in the 2Q 2021 Equity Data Book and here, but the majority of data can now be accessed directly from Oil & Gas Advisors.

The Basinal and Country analysis pages can now be found here.


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